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It's all quite scandalous
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19th-Jul-2006 01:36 pm - p & p
JAY&BOB WTFERY . teawolf
In the spirit of things, I made some crappy Pride and Prejudice text icons, etc.


From the book and movie(s).Collapse )

(Credit to whoever makes those tiny text brushes, which I have wholly abused! There were a bunch already on this computer, and I have no idea to whom I should give credit.)

Don't forget to credit icon_scandals.
22nd-Jun-2006 02:59 pm - variety is the spice of life
JAY&BOB WTFERY . teawolf
Ahoy! I went and changed the layout to add the picture Sally made, and would have done it sooner had I actually seen that post in a timely fashion. -_-
As a reminder, every member is a maintainer as well, and all members can come in and do maintenance and such on the page whenever you think it needs changing. But for now, props to Sally!


Got a mixed batch. Includes various actors/actresses. (What else is new?)

01. 02. 03.

Tori Amos, Paul Bettany, Christina Ricci, Eva Green, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Michael Pitt, Edward Norton, Natalie Portman, William Moseley, Keanu Reeves, and assorted.Collapse )

Credit icon_scandals! Yes, #2 and #32 are the same, I didn't feel like going back to renumber, heh.
22nd-May-2006 04:03 pm - hoot.
JAY&BOB WTFERY . teawolf

You know I have to do this every now and again. Me and my army of owls.

1. 2. 3.


I know I have entirely too much time on my hands.
Credit icon_scandals!
26th-Mar-2006 12:31 pm - 24 icons
[stock] mob
Some of these are new, and others are ones I've used and am just retiring. Feel free to use as bases or to alter them in any way you desire.

7 theme: hands
3 Dresden Dolls
2 V for Vendetta
5 various ladies
7 miscellaneous

Whore-ay!Collapse )
22nd-Mar-2006 07:27 pm - a woman's world
JAY&BOB WTFERY . teawolf
Poor neglected icon journal!
I have a bunch of new YAY WOMEN icons from all over the place that I've collected and done evil amateur experiments on in photoshop cs.

1. 2. 3.

Lovely FemmesCollapse )

Remember to credit icon_scandals!
Narnia icons!

17 more under the cut.

what white rabbit?Collapse )
12th-Jan-2006 10:01 pm(no subject)
Okay, we've had 3 'yes's for the banner I flashed around yesterday. (or was it the day before?)

But does anyone know how to put it up?

I may be diaryland-layout-savvy, but eljay is beyond me.
11th-Jan-2006 03:24 pm - banner!
Hey ladies!

So I was poking around on my laptop and I found a header that I had made a few months back for this community. I'm not sure if I even consider it any good anymore, but I figured I'd throw it out there if you want to use it. I have no idea how to put banners up, so I'll let someone else take care of that. :)

ETA: I've just noticed that it's rather large, so if you want me to size it down a bit that's entirely possible.
2nd-Jan-2006 10:22 pm(no subject)
pie twin peaks
i have been doing a bit of new year's cleaning and icon-making (GIP; ♥ tom petty), so i behest upon you these! (note: please forgive teh crappy, as this is before i got photoshop.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

+6 moreCollapse )

comment, credit icon_scandals or excepttheweasel, you know the drill.
19th-Dec-2005 01:02 pm - 35 William Moseley icons.
she's scandalous
5. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 19. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 23. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Under hereCollapse )

Brushes by Jenn's Sanity.
Comment and credit to icon_scandals thanks!
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