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It's all quite scandalous
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she's going to hell for this you know [S
I have a new band love and so naturally I made icons to celebrate ^^ I'm a bit rusty :/

12. 22. 28.

28 SHINee iconsCollapse )

Textless icons may be used as bases with credit to shieldkitten. Please comment if you take!
24th-Mar-2007 12:31 am - 55 text-less from Little Women
I present to you...

Little Women!
(1993 version, since I can't find any of the others to rent)

Note: They're not in the right order, because I am quite backwards in numbering my icons. :)

Over the mysteries of female life there is a veil best left undisturbed.Collapse )

Screencap credit: Mystic Bliss
21st-Jan-2007 07:07 pm - 4 Jon Stewart icons
I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house, we had an enormous feast, and then I killed them and took their land.
-Jon Stewart

Four: two textless and two with Jon quotes. Pictures thanks to v_squee!

1. 2. 3. 4.

ETA: Two more!

5. 6.
6th-Dec-2006 06:00 pm - crappy cat icons!
she's a shieldkitten of Rohan [LotR]
I had heaps of fun making these. Had to sit on my hands for a bit to stop myself using layers and textures and all that. I just wanted to have fun - my favourite thing about cat icons is how simple most of them are.

2. 7. 17.

45 under here!Collapse )
5th-Nov-2006 01:59 pm - animated Bleach icons!
she's scandalous
Animated Bleach icons plus stills.

26. 45. 47.

63 under hereCollapse )

And a bonus! (ahahahahah pun!)

comment and credit either sheidlkitten or icon_scandals please!
16th-Oct-2006 06:03 pm - Yet more Bleach
she's scandalous
>.< I am OCD and keep wanting to put all the same sort of icons together in one post, but then I know I have more of that sort to make, and then there is a bear, and you wind up with massive icon posts... that are of the same sort of icons together. I have in the works lots of animated icons and outtakes from those, manga icons (am learning to colour! is like kindergarten, but with technology!) and a lovely pairing lovefest icon post of squishy hearts that I am dying to put up (but I have more of that sort to make!), so steel yourself! The obssession has yet to end!

Also if you think I am writing sort of weird, it is because my apostrophe key is not working right, and so I am all at sea.

I did my best not to put any spoilers after the Soul Society arc, but if something slipped in do forgive me!

6. 29. 64. 86. 105.

123 icons whoaCollapse )
11th-Oct-2006 10:14 am(no subject)
she&#39;s scandalous
15 Bleach icons from ep 98 (+opening credits)
Spoiler warning: 5 animated icons depicting a scene

Click here!Collapse )

Comment and Credit, of course!
3rd-Oct-2006 03:50 pm - Bleach icons
she&#39;s scandalous
My sole purpose of finding an anime to watch was so that I could make icons because, well, all the pretty anime icons out there made me jelus. So I present to you Bleach icons! All from the Soul Society Arc.

25. 31. 41. 46. 52.

65 Bleach iconsCollapse )

Comment and credit either shieldkitten or icon_scandals please! Also, it's my first time making anime icons, so any constructive criticism will not only bruise my ego but also be very much appreciated.
29th-Aug-2006 10:03 am(no subject)
she&#39;s scandalous
Hey guys! I've just gone through and made up tags for all our posts. Some were a little harder to tag than others, so if you disagree with the tags go ahead and edit them.

Also! I was thinking that in the interests of making it easy for people to search through our posts and find the pretties, we could change the layout to add the tag links? I still want to keep the colour scheme and the absolutely brilliant banner, so a sidebar might do the trick.

Layout makers? Anyone? What do you think?
29th-Aug-2006 08:13 am - 65 Zoe Icons
she&#39;s scandalous
I made these icons for a now defunct RPG. Some of them are crap because I rushed the job and others are slightly less crap because I followed icon tutorials from dekolette and others.

Comment and credit, please! Textless icons may be used as bases.

021. 026. 038. 045. 053.

That's a fun mixCollapse )
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